Monday, June 21, 2010

Trash to Treasure


I found this little desk about three months ago on craigs.list, and it's still not officially "done" (a few more paint touch-ups, needs a sealer . . .) but "done" enough to share a photo.  It started out REALLY UGLY.  I had Josh pry off the hideous "holey" old back, and we cut some bead board paneling to fit.  Other changes (besides the obvious paint coat)--a wood applique glued to the top and some lovely little glass knobs.  I'm pretty happy with the finished product.  I had seen this quilt (at Wal-mart of all places!) and really loved it, and while I have not yet acquired it, it has been the inspiration behind this little desk.  Eventually I'll pull it all together (or at least I hope to pull it all together . . . that's kind of an ongoing wish with life in general, right?). ;o)  Now the grand question what does Josh think of a purchase he originally thought ridiculous?  Well . . .  Here's the thing, he admires how I've fixed it up, likes my "vision" and all, but the light and frivolous shades of blue I adore?  He abhors them. ;o)  But he's a gracious kind of guy and since in the end things like this really don't matter to him (he claims he'd be happy living in a box) he gives me full creative license.  A license I truly appreciate. ;o) 


Unknown said...

That is Super-Dee-Dooper Cute! (Yes, I just quoted Barney! lol) LOVE it!!!!! I love the color you chose. Is this in your bedroom? I think it's wonderful what you do to cozy up your much better than a box, Josh. :)

Anna said...

This is SO GORGEOUS, Janna! I just love it...and that quilt will be amazing with's so 'you' your taste. :)

Mike and Kirsten said...

Where do you put all these trash to treasure projects? I do live in a shoebox right now so maybe I'm just jealous you have room!

Kris said...

It's beautiful, Janna.