Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summertime and the livin's easy . . .

What we've been up to:
From the looks of things, not the laundry.

Last week Jackson was assaulted by a bug of unknown origin, probably a mosquito, but who knows.  The bites got huge and red, one cheek swelled up, got all hard and was hot to the touch--long story short, they were infected and he had to go on antibiotics.

Emmett has the stinkiest shoes in the world.  (and feet to match . . .) ;o)

Upon seeing some kids selling lemonade on the corner Marissa asked in all seriousness, "Are they orphans?"
A lemonade stand is going on the list of things to do.

In a moment of pure bravery (or sheer insanity, you decide) I took all five kiddos BY MYSELF to the cheap movie they were showing yesterday morning--HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (or something like that).  We all got in for $13.75.  That's a deal, and it's the first time my boys have been to a theater.  It went pretty well.  And I enjoyed being a "fun mom" for a morning.  Usually, I'm the "no, you can't mom" or "no, that's just not gonna work mom."  Sometimes it's good to step outside your comfort zone. ;o)

Yesterday, Jackson approached me and said, "Look, I've got a banana in my pocket!"  And yes, there literally was a banana in his pocket.

I found a dresser last week and I've pulled out the black paint again . . . can't wait to get my new storage system up and going.

Bedtimes have been later . . . usually swimming, ice cream, or both are at fault.  I think Jackson slept until 6:45 this morning.  I could get used to that!

It's been a pretty good summer thus far~hope yours is as well!


Mom said...

Never a dull moment at your home! Love it.

Unknown said...

Great post! Can't wait to see that dresser.....I'm a sucker for anything with black paint. Ask Mark. :)

Anna said...

Love this post, what a fun and busy summer so far...but the bug bite sounds AWFUL! ..and way to go on the movie outing! ;)