Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Solid Experience

Yesterday, Owen got his first taste of delicious rice cereal . . .
I had lots of helping hands--eight to be exact--anxious for their chance at getting him to eat off of a spoon.  It was quite a momentous occasion.
Owen's thoughts, "It's okay.  I've had better.  But since I'm such a good baby I'll let you stick whatever you want in my mouth and go along with it amicably enough--just keep that kid away who sticks the spoon in as far as it can go."


Unknown said...

Total cutie!!!! I have a feeling he better start working on that gag reflex since there's likely to be more "helpers" in his future! :)

Anna said...

*gasp* these are so cute! ..and LOL at all the 'helping' hands. :) What a big boy! Doesn't seem like he should be old enough to be having food already...and I just can't get over those BIG eyes!

..oh, and LOVED your inpiration for the 4th ideas, how fun!