Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The one where I'm too tired to think of a clever title

Sooooo, Jackson has been "Jackson" with a capital J, helicopter top and all.  His mission as of the last couple of days--to irritate, aggravate, and infuriate the company he is with--in whatever way possible.  Consequently, the resident mommy is bone-weary tired, and honestly downright discouraged (how is she ever to raise him to adulthood?!?!)
However, in a search for silver linings I share three things that have made me smile:
He decided he needed a place to hang a bag, and rummaged up a screw-in hook from who-knows-where, and then installed it all by himself . . .
(a few test holes were needed . . .)
(On second thought, you KNOW it's been a bad week when a damaged wall is actually amusing!)
He wrote his name for the very first time EVER, with me dictating the letters!!! Definitely a highlight of the day!
And #3--
Today I was asked the very cliched, "Why is the sky blue?"

And now I do believe there is a bowl of ice cream calling my name.
I shall sit in the dark and quiet and enjoy it. ;o)

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Anna said...

I'm so sorry for the difficult time...but wow what a cute train drawing and name writing! LOL at his organizing--and handman skills. :) I'm praying for you guys with these busy busy weeks you have. (and remember I'm available if/when you need a little time off!) *hugs*