Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Homefront

Josh--headed back to school today, class from 8-5:30.  In one week's time he'll have a whole class done.  He's doing two classes in a row, this week and next, a week off, and then two more classes.  We've worked/planned it out so that he can take off from one of his jobs during this time, which should alleviate some stress, but I have a feeling it is still going to be a bit wearing.

Marissa--would be happy swimming every day and reading through Madeline L'Engle's A WRINKLE IN TIME series (she REALLY likes fantasy).  She had a wonderful time at camp--her most favorite thing it would seem was catching lots of frogs.

Isabella--still recovering, the past few days her biggest issues have been nausea/vomiting but today we had the first tears over pain.  She's been promised a Val's buffet as soon as she's better. ;o)  And a funny story, but I had an email from somebody at church that she had approached someone about playing offering for children's church.  First of all it was shocking that my shy Bella would actually approach someone, but what's funnier is that she has never had a piano lesson.  She taught herself to play "Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee" and has been asking me to play in church but I kept putting her off because she can't "really" play--wrong fingerings, etc.  In the end, a bad mommy moment--just because it's not technically right doesn't mean I should keep her from doing it.  Sooooo, she's set to go on the 27th. ;o)

Jackson--where to start . . . ;o) We've spent the last month answering myriads of questions, honestly I've felt like I'm being interrogated at times!  From "How do they make the roads?" to "Did Great-Grandma die on a cross?" I've had to come up with answers for it all.  It makes my head hurt.  He's also been "stretching his boundaries" again, definitely keeping Josh/I on our toes.  He draws and draws and draws.  He has begun to say things like, "Well, ACTUALLY . . ." and informed Isabella the other day that "You smell terrible!"  He's convinced his eyes are green and likes to draw himself wearing a tuxedo.

Emmett--loves cars, trains, and dill pickles (could eat a whole jar in a day!!) and he's dealing with a few little behavior issues of his own. :oP

And Owen--I've spent the last two weeks watching him perform "the plank" and then get up on his hands and knees.  He's gotten himself in a few situations:
(under the table)
And then he got on his hands and knees:
(rocking out to "Joyful . . ." under the piano)
Yesterday I saw him bunny-hop his little back legs.  As soon as he gets those arms coordinated he will be off. Can you believe it?  All the others crawled around the 9-10 month frame.  And maybe he won't figure it out until then either, but he sure does seem determined to get going.  I won't lie, it makes me a wee bit sad (and also panicked because that means I will have three boys with moving capabilities!) ;o)

And as for me--I'm trying to get better homekeeping routines down (a never ending story!) and also making my way through all the closets.  I have a great new "school room" organizing idea that has me stalking craigs.list for what I'm in need of . . . no success yet.  It involves moving my dining room book shelf to the living room and getting a nice big dresser (or buffet) to store all our school books/art supplies in.  As much as I try to corral things to crates/baskets I just don't like having to SEE everything in plain sight.  I think if everything had a drawer to go into I'd be much happier.  If I don't find anything I may take that free dresser I had acquired for the boys and use that . . . we'll see.

Well, that sums up life right now.  Hope everyone else is having a great (and productive?) summer! ;o)


Anna said...

I'm loving this cute update! And LOL at Jackson's drawings...not sure if black tie events would let him in. :) And WOW look at that little Owen moving! Cute pics. :)

Mom said...

Owen's smile just melts my heart. Praying for you all.