Saturday, June 5, 2010

Off to Camp

(Marissa, my sister Lynsi, and Marissa's friend Tara)

A few questions I had to answer today--
From Isabella "Why do they have camp when the sisters and brothers left at home are going to be sad?"
From Marissa "Could you read to Bella every night while I'm gone?"  (Marissa has been reading her a few chapters each evening from the Little House on the Prairie series)

Marissa is currently en route, and I'm thinking she'll be fine (seeing as I had to remind her to hug me good-bye and all).  Isabella proved to be stoic through her sisterly hug, but then I glanced back in my rear view mirror on the way home to find her quietly crying to herself.  She cried the whole way home, and then went to her room and laid down and cried some more. :o(  A movie for the afternoon has proved to be a good distraction.  But talk about breaking my heart.  I knew this would be a hard separation, but hopefully we can find enough fun stuff to do to keep her busy. Poor girly. 


Unknown said...

Awww, sweet Isabella!!! Marissa looks quite pleased to be heading off to camp and how nice that Auntie Lynsi is there with her....bunny ears and all. :)

Anna said...

Oh, this makes me tear up...those two sweet girls are the best of friends, and how precious that Marissa was concerned that you would 'fill in for her' in reading and caring for her little sis. Too sweet! Thanks for sharing. Hope she has fun at camp!