Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Amusement

Jackson made his first sign today--those miscellaneous letters read something like "No girls only boys can come in but Rissy can come in but not Bella."  Note the sad girl.  Don't pity Isabella too much, she had a sign of her own and claimed only "cute boys" could come in, referring to Emmett and Owen (yeah, I was concerned there for a minute too).  Apparently Jackson is no longer cute.

And a little update on the summer reading--I found Josh pondering the girls' reading records--Marissa around 700 pages so far Isabella around 300--and he looked at me with fear in his eyes and asked "What is the plan here?"  I told him how Marissa gets $1 for every 100 pages, Isabella $1 for every 50.   And suddenly we each were hit with the revelation they just might make us go broke.  I should have made it lower, like $0.25 or something.  We may have to set a lid . . . Maybe once they hit $20 there will be different awards like read 1000 more pages and go to Sta.r Ci.ty Sh.ores or something like that.  But I had myself a good giggle as Josh muttered something under his breath about "weirdos." ;o)  I guess having an incentive is good motivation!


Anna said...

Oh this is too funny! And WAY TO GO for the girls reading so much, wow! :)

Mom said...

I love it that my grand kids love books. One of my "retirement" projects is to create "Granny's Library" so they can actually check out books and other cool things when they come to visit. (No video games allowed!) :-)

Unknown said...

The reading just blow me away! How exciting for you to see the book worms hard at "work!" :)

Keeslermom said...

We've fallen into this trap too. We challenged our kids to read the bible, cover to cover, for a monetary reward. In my mind, this was a months long, maybe even a year long, project. I gave my 1st grader, who was still reading leveled readers, the Beginner Bible. She read the whole thing in THREE DAYS! And yes, I questioned it, and yes she really did it!