Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Half Year!

I truly can't believe my baby (who was supposed to remain a newborn forever!) has reached his half year already. Have I mentioned before that I love him? ;o) He is SO sweet, a joy of a little boy.  (I'm still holding out hope that I'll have one little boy that doesn't contribute to my premature aging).  ;o)
Six months finds him . . .
-still trying to coordinate the crawling efforts (can't get the arms working in his favor)
-discovering his "raspberry" blowing capabilities
-stealing food from my plate, a handful of manicotti here, some ice cream there . . . (I just bought some rice cereal today to give the whole "starting solids" thing a whirl . . . I'm sure I'll be back with some pictures in the next week) ;o)
-sitting (more or less), perhaps "supervised sitting" would be a better assessment
-mobile in his own way, scoot backwards, roll, up on the hands/knees, rock, plunge--he gets where he needs to be
--utterly and completely doted upon by all members of our family, can't imagine life without an Owen


Mike and Kirsten said...

Awww...half birthday's! Oh, how I remember your love of half-birthdays when we were younger. Maybe it wasn't as big a thing as I remember it being but something very vivid stands out in my memory ~ When I think of half birthdays, I totally think of Janna!

Mom said...

Kirsten's post reminded me of how I did those half birthdays when you kids were little. So glad you are carrying on the tradition, Janna! Oh...Owen is a honey and a half!!

Anna said...

Oh, this makes me smile! He is SO adorable, his eyes couldn't BE any bigger! ..can't wait to see the messy food pics, those are my fav! Sending hugs to that lil hunk of sweetness. ;)