Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vacation--Days 3 and 4

Yesterday found us at Navy Pier where we went to the Chicago Children's Museum (another fun place!) and then Josh and the girls rode the HUMONGOUS ferris wheel. Josh told me he was just a tiny bit scared, and for him to admit that reinforced my decision to not ride. ;o) That whole "heights thing" again. And he agreed it's not so much a fear for his own safety but a fear the girls would do something unsafe. That has only exacerbated my own fear too . . . so many little people to keep an eye on. I remember my own mother freaking out as we peered over mountainous edges as kids, and I remember not understanding her reasoning . . . I was being careful! But I completely understand that fear now--however irrational it seems! ;o)

The afternoon Josh and the older three spent at the Cubs/Cardinals game. They enjoyed spending their day in Cardinals attire and getting reaction from a few Cubs fans and high fives from other Cardinals fans. Jackson managed to get a foul ball which he has in his pocket right now (and also put on his Cardinals shirt from yesterday). So I'm thinking it's fair to say the day was a hit with him. I hung out at the hotel with the littlest boys where Emmett and I played "cars" and Owen had a napping/nursing fest.

Today we are heading to American Girl and going to finally eat out (can you believe we made it until today!?). I think we're seeking out a Giordano's for some deep dish pizza. If there's time we might stop by a nature center on the way out of town, but we're hoping to hit the road in the early afternoon and be home sometime later tonight.

One of the funniest things about this trip has been Jackson's need to have a clean hotel room. He wanted everything off the floor at all times. I would make a dirty laundry pile and turn around and discover it thrown up on the couch. Or he would push things up against the wall to make sure the main area was clear of stuff. He LOVES hotel rooms and hotel pools (he's scared of Grandpa and Grandma's). Truly we could have just stayed in the room all day, ate the free breakfast, and swam in the pool and ALL the kids would have been more than thrilled. Slap the name ~*vacation*~ anything and they are on cloud nine. ;o)

I'll be back sometime in the next few days with pictures! Until then~


Unknown said...

Sounds like a good day! Hope A.Girl goes well. I'm sure it's a place I will never get to go. :( I'm going to paint a sign that says "Langenberg Lodge" and put it in my front yard. Then, I'm inviting Jackson over to my "hotel" and watch him clean. :)

Judi said...

So glad you are having a great time. And thanks for the walk down memory lane! I knew someday you kids would understand.

Anna said...

YAY! What a fun time for you all, I love hearing all these tidbits...and looking forward to those pics! Will pray for a safe (and QUIET) ride home! :)

Anna said...

...oh and LOVED Kathy's comment! Send him here after her place. :)