Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Reading

Now that we're done with school I've been trying to come up with a framework for our summer, one that (hopefully) includes lots of reading. ;o) A few of my favorite books that encourage me to read aloud and/or give me good book lists are:

(and all three are available at the local library)

I'm trying to make a more concentrated effort in reading aloud to my boys, sometimes I'm on a roll, and sometimes . . . yeah. When the girls were little I was so good about this, and now I'm hit or miss. Right now I just have two simple goals, 1) To read a chapter a day from WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS (my country school teacher read this aloud to our class when I was a girl and it remains today one of my most vivid memories of that classroom) 2) Spend 15 minutes (minimum) reading to the boys books at their level.

And as far as encouraging my girls to read for pleasure we have lots of options:
1) They are getting paid in the form of their own personal Barnes & Noble gift card--Marissa gets $1 for every 100 pages read, Isabella gets $1 for every 50 pages read from May 15-August 15. And then we get to go shop for new books. ;o)
2) Barnes & Noble also has their own book club, read 8 books and get a book free (have to be going into 1st grade though) . . . go here and click on "download passport"
3) Local library summer reading program . . . go here

I asked Josh if I could have a summer reading program too, you know, in the form of some Amazon credit. ;o) He said he would pay me $10 every week I DIDN'T read. So much for that idea . . . :oP


Anna said...

LOL at Josh's comment! And thanks for the book list...been trying to do more of this kind of thing lately...finally got Set 1 & 2 of the BOB books--they are PERFECT for the stage Cami's at. :)

Unknown said...

I have the "Honey" book and always feel inspired when I pick it up. Haven't heard of the others so will have to check them out. *SIGH* I'm trying to not feel jealous of those readers you have over there! My boys are just way more interested in bugs, mug, jumping, etc. ;)