Monday, May 17, 2010

Shooting Ourselves in the Feet

One night, a few weeks back, Jackson was talking of his need for a Buzz.Light.Year, and eyeing the girls' jar of money. I thought he might be ready to try to earn a little bit of money and work on saving up. We introduced him to the "cleaning fairy" a fairy we had come up with back when the girls' were anxious for a tooth fairy visit (and there wasn't even a tooth loose yet). The cleaning fairy comes in at night to see if you cleaned up your room before bed and then leaves a quarter . . . it used to be a dime, but ya know, inflation and all . . . ;o)

Long story short--it worked like a charm. Every night he got that room spic and span--by throwing everything into his closet of course--and then would beg me to vacuum. In spite of the untidy closet I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for at least getting Jackson interested in cleaning up. He was truly dedicated to keeping the floor clear of toys. And he was happy with his growing jar of money. Often he would ask "Is this a lot of money?" Because "a lot" was what he needed for Buzz. (He had a ways to go). And this mothering thing, boy did I have it figured out!!! ;o)

This past weekend we were at Kohl's and saw a $5 stuffed Buzz. Seeing how delighted Jackson was with it and the fact it was only $5 (as opposed to the $20--or so--"hard" versions), Josh, feeling benevolent, purchased it for him.

And that night Jackson informed me he had no need of money anymore since he now had a Buzz and no longer cared if his room were clean or not. True to his word, he has not cleaned it since.

The end. :oP


Tiff said...

HA! What a smart one!

Judi said...

I love that boy!!!

Anna said...

Oh, no--this is so funny! ..he must be very much the "goal-oriented" personality, huh? ;)

Unknown said...