Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~School's End~

This week brings to a close our third year of homeschooling. Woohoo!!! Our theme for the year was "Exploring Countries and Cultures" and we toured the world from our dining room--and via the internet. I'm always amazed at what I can find online. No, I can't do a field trip to the Eiffel Tower in France, but we can find an online video taped from the vantage point of a climbing person and feel like we're there. That is truly amazing. Anyway, summing up--

Marissa "2nd Grade": started out the year knowing the location of 17 countries and ended up being able to locate an even 50! (Her geography knowledge already surpasses mine . . . ahem) Her weakest continents were South America and Africa. Last summer Isabella got some Montessori continent puzzles for her birthday--of Europe and Asia--and in the end those were the two places Marissa knew the best. I might look into acquiring more puzzles. She began cursive and has gotten to a point in math where she can carry, borrow, multiply and divide. And much to my delight LOVES to read and is reading "real stuff" now. ;o) This year has really taught her about the religions and cultures of other countries and given her a real heart for missions. Her favorite country? Japan. Why? Because they have origami and she wants to make paper cranes. ;o) (Some Japan notebooking pages)


Isabella "kindergarten": Isabella did a lighter version of what Marissa did while also learning how to read from her Bible reader and keeping a notebook of each Bible story she read. My main goal for her this year was to become an independent reader, and just in the last month her confidence has soared as she read through her first few chapter books. Yay!! She also is adding, subtracting, and measuring. Her favorite country? France. Why? Because they have lots of tasty food there (girl after my own heart . . .) ;o)

(some France notebooking pages)

In spite of the challenges of this year--Josh's crazy schedule, pregnancy, new baby, the feelings of inadequacy at times (always wondering if we're really doing enough?)--It's great to look back and see GROWTH and feel that we DID accomplish something. Aaaaannd it's great to be done! ;o) Summer has *officially* begun!


Tiff said...

That's great, Janna. I just love what you're doing with your girls! As an educator, it makes my heart pitter patter to see such advanced and detailed curriculum! Great job!

Unknown said...

Well done!!!! I loved seeing your girls' work....their coloring looks just a wee bit different than the male version I saw around here. ;)

Anna said...

WOW, congratulations on a great school year! I LOVE the origami and french food comments (YUM!) So glad it's time for your summer break, hooray!