Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our New Neighbor

Meet Mama Robin. ;o) A few weeks back she started on this nest and I was so excited. I loved spying on robin nests as a girl and now my kids would get that same opportunity--right on our own back porch. But then all the nest "stuff" would get knocked down. We'd see her working on it again, and then find everything knocked down again. We didn't see her for about a week--and I was pretty disappointed. But she returned! In about two days' time she has built this lovely home, and I believe, as of this morning, is beginning the laying process. We decided this mama must have a personality like Jackson . . . maybe those first few nests just weren't right so she destroyed them. Ha! Be prepared for many pictures of eggs in the near future . . . ;o)


Anna said...

What a cute mama robin, and how perfect that she is right outside for you all to keep an eye on, how fun!

Tiff said...

We have a momma too! She sits right between the eaves of the house and our down gutter. We walk out to see her every day and there she is, patiently waiting for her babies to arrive. Amazing!