Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Little Check-In

I'm taking a bit of a "procrastination pause" in my preparations for our quickly approaching trip that the posse and I are about to be departing for. (and I just spent way too much time trying to fit a whole bunch of "p" words in there because I have a "thing" for alliterations) ;o)

The majority of the grocery shopping is done. I have great plans for "hotel assembled meals" (like shredded bbq chicken we heat up and eat on buns and soft shell tacos--the meat also just in need of a heat-up). That'll save us from eating out too often. It probably sounds like a lot of extra work for a vacation, but this is actually FUN for me. I love mapping everything out and planning what we will need. Strange but true.

I've printed off lots of Toy.Story coloring pages for the boys and "note reading" worksheets for the girls (I'm sure they'll be pumped!). ;o) I'm hoping to teach them piano this summer and thought they could get a bit of a jump on that.

I'm anxiously awaiting an Amazon order for myself with some vacation reading. I have been stalking the "track your packages" page daily for these two books:

They're coming in separate packages, and I dearly hope they arrive tomorrow. Otherwise I'll be so sad. I think I have a hold on something still at the library though (I believe it is something Mar.tha Stewart-ish on home organization . . . not something I really want to think about on vacation, but might have to if Amazon doesn't come through for me). ;o)

Oh, and we have a baby birdie! I'll get all my nest pictures posted sometime--there ended up being two eggs, so we're still awaiting the other hatching. We have had so much fun getting front row seats to this whole process.

Well, that's all for now . . . so much more to do. And a vehicle to license. Yippee. Off I go!


Unknown said...

I love your book recommendations and I also love your enthusiasm for caring for your family! :) Hope you have a great time away and can get the rest of your 'to-do' list accomplished before you leave.

Anna said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your mama robin's nest! :) And SO excited for you all as you embark on another amazing vacation! ...and thanks for the book tips! If you're willing, I might ask to borrow them sometime...I'll be praying for a good and safe time for you all. Bon voyage! ;)

Mike and Kirsten said...

Hope you have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing about it.