Monday, May 3, 2010

Linky Love

Because I'm certain you all have nothing better to do but follow link trails, here you go! ;o)

~Inspiring to me in the home/mothering/organizing arena:

~Loving the photos of these ladies' houses . . . something about this time of year has me craving white and light and these women do it so well:

~Oohing and Awing over the photography featured in this post:

(hey friends with Photoshop expertise . . . how does she achieve that look?)

~Admiring this bag and trying to determine how I could recreate it

~Loving the look of burlap, but not its itchiness and wondering what this "almost linen burlap" would be like if used for pillows or table runners or . . . ?

Enjoy! ;o)


Anna said...

Ooh I'm loving these links! The bag is adorable, and I think would look awesome in that linen you found. Oh, and that rose website. It looks like she:

a. adjusted Levels (3 arrows, you bring the outer ones in and the middle one can go either way just a smidge for the desired looke)

b. increased Contrast

c. increased Saturation

d. it also looked like she had some textured edge overlay, or perhaps did some effect with a brush...can't speak to that as much.

Thanks for sharing these fun links!!

Unknown said...

When the boys are in bed tonight.....I'm comin back! I love to follow good links! :)

I quick peeked at the photoshop question and I agree with Anna. I bet she used some sort of preset action or had a texture overlay. She probably 'boosts' the colors but adjusting and making an "S" curve.

Wendy said...

Hello Janna,
I'm honored that you linked my blog. To answer your question...... um, honestly I don't remember EXACTLY, but I'm sure I ran Pioneer Woman's Boost and Define actions for photoshop elements (PSE). Then I added different texture layers (a pink one to the top photo) set to overlay, then added a layer mask texture from Shadowhouse Creations and set that layer to softlight. A lot of jargon, I know -- but once you play around with PSE a little (or a lot in my case) you will be able to get the same results! It also helps to start with a well lighted photo.

Once again, honored and tickled pink. I hope you have a beautiful day!

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

Wow. Thanks for the link love! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog.

And that picture of Owen over there on your sidebar...seriously....could he be any cuter. Those eyes! Those cheeks! So adorable.