Saturday, May 22, 2010

Five Months Old!!!

I can't believe my sweet little boy is five months old . . . just a month away from that half year mark!
And he's definitely trying out some new tricks, like:
~ Sitting--it's not "official" yet, but he can "tripod" quite nicely ;o)

~ Sippy cup exploration (it's just water)--he loves to chew on that spout
~Honing his drooling skills
~Earning a few new nicknames like "Sharky," "Piranha," and "Chomper"
(seriously I'm thankful he doesn't have teeth yet--although perhaps he's working on it--but he's got quite the jaws, take my word for it!)

~He's well insulated ;o)
~While sleeping (in a swing or wherever) he likes to find something to smash his face up against and pretend he's nursing (melts my heart)
~He also likes to pull on his ears while he nurses--it looks painful--but apparently he finds it comforting (reminds me of Isabella's hair twirling)
~He's a big "patty cake" fan, especially when we "throooooow it in the oven"
~He also likes a little ditty the girls chant at him "You think I'm funny-funny, You think I'm fine, You think I'm funny-funny-funny-funny-funny-funny-funny-funny, YEAHHHHH!" (perhaps it's all those "f" sounds, but it never fails to elicit a smile)
And THAT sums up life as he knows it! ;o)


Judi said...

He's a sweetie. I think he is trying hard to catch up with the others.

Unknown said...

5 months old and really workin the "Cooley baby" look! :) I LOVE the 5-7 month age range!

Anna said...

I am going crazy over those BIG eyes and gorgeous cheeks! So, so SO cute! and love the profile of him and the little tidbits of his precious 5 month old life. Love this posting, Janna! :)