Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spoils of the Weekend

This picture from my mom--the kiddos and their fort--made from a tarp, branches, and pine needles. They spent the good portion of Friday down at my parents' home working on this. Saturday, Josh took the kids to Mah.oney Sta.te P.ark where they grilled burgers and then he took them on a nature scavenger hunt. They even had a sheet of paper of things to look for and cross off!! And what did they find? Well . . .
(If you're thinking that's a stick, guess again . . . it's a SNAKE!!! Marissa was bummed she couldn't bring the little guy home.) And then their fun Daddy took them to the SAC Museum!
And where was I? Hint:
It was home school convention time. I'm pretty much set for books for the next school year. I had a great two days getting refreshed and as always find myself reassessing everything we do and looking for ways to improve. I was reminded of the fact that good parenting is intentional. We all have these grand ideas, but the thing is, they don't magically happen. Sometimes, the day in and day out, year after year intensity of this thing called parenting is downright draining. It's easy to let laziness and even apathy creep in at times. I NEED days like this to get me regrouped so I can "keep on keeping on." Too bad there wasn't something like a monthly convention . . . (Then again tempting myself with bright and shiny new books on a monthly basis probably wouldn't be a good thing). ;o)


Mom said...

We did have fun Friday. I'll show Louie the picture of Marissa and her friend.

Anna said...

Hooray for a productive weekend! Looks like the kids had a fun daddy day...and so glad you're getting stocked for next year. Thanks for the wise words about parenting! I need that so much..

Unknown said...

I like your stack of NEW books for next year. I must admit, while buying my CTG materials used saved some money I miss the crack of the new book and the smell! ;) Sounds like the kids had a great time this weekend, too!