Thursday, April 29, 2010

The List that is Craig's

In the free category:

Josh scored this baby for me and it's headed to the boys' room after it gets a coat of chocolate brown . . . maybe a hardware change too, but maybe not. They have a big walk-in closet, so it will be in there, and not really seen. Plus they're known for bludgeoning/stickering furniture, so I don't want to invest too much time and money in it. ;o)

~~~Next in the "2 for $20" category these nice and sturdy end tables. I admit to having a love for legs, the stouter and curvier the more I like them. ;o) Although it does not make the painting any easier. These I envision as nightstands for Josh and I. Our bedroom set originally came with one, and it has always bothered me to not have a matching pair. I'm thinking either an antique white or a pale blue. I've got this developing plan in my head of farmhouse meets shabby chic . . . We'll see. ;o)


And lastly in the "my husband thinks I'm crazy" category, a tiny glimpse of transformations happening to what was a ridiculously ugly $40 desk (those legs and curves sucked me in again). ;o) The lighting wasn't best for a picture, but it's the light blue I'm thinking of using on the end tables. Hopefully I'll finish this up in the next few weeks . . . I am currently awaiting Josh's help in cutting out a new bead board back. I am REALLY loving this desk. I'm hoping to find a spot for it in my bedroom (may have to kick out the computer). ;o)


And because it helps to have other eyes out there looking for me let me know if you come across any old locker baskets (less than $5), white ironstone pitchers/platters (less than $10), or big fancy frames for pictures or mirrors (less than $20--don't care what color as long as it's spray-paintable). I've got some ideas . . . ;o)


Anna said...

Ooh I'm loving your plans--the light blue is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all put together. :) Lovely, lovely.

Unknown said...

For a minute I was getting excited that you might like MY legs--they're stout---but then I read the part where they also had to be curvy and my hopes were deflated. No curves here. Just stout from top down to the cankle. :)

I love the peek at your desk and cannot wait for Josh to eat his words and admit that it was a GOOD thing. ;) Love that blue color!

Janna said...

KATHY!! You do not have cankles! But thank you for the giggle! :oD