Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday Recap

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but what these pictures don't tell you--

--It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY . . . perfect spring weather

--Jackson did not find very many eggs because he had to stop after each one and check what was inside

--Tommy Dog ate himself a good deal of hard-boiled eggs, shell and all

--Marissa gave Papa Roy the Farmer a little lecture on why he should not use Atrazine on his crops (because it makes the male frogs produce eggs). She presented a good argument, but I don't believe he was swayed. ;o)

--The kids spent nearly the whole time outside, decorating dog graves and building some sort of house/fort thing. They returned home thoroughly dirty.

--As I get older I appreciate more and more the opportunity to hang out with all my siblings again . . . we all have our own lives now, but when we're together it's still so much fun.


Mom said...

Love the my family.

Unknown said...

Fun to see all your pictures! Your kids looked so adorable in their Easter clothes!!!

Anna said...

Aw, your family is so beautiful! And wow your folks are collecting quite a beautiful bunch of grandkids. Lovely pics!