Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Projects for Kids

Now that it is March 1, my brain has fully swung into spring gear. As much as I love snow (yes, I really do!) I'm ready for some new scenery outside my window. In the meantime, while we wait for it to green up outside, here's a few projects I hope to do inside as we celebrate spring's return.

1. Take the kids to a garden center and have them each pick out a favorite bulb--tulip, daffodil, hyacinth, etc. Either we will plant them individually in small clay pots, or group them all together in a bigger one and set it on the counter and watch what happens. I may get a few hyacinths for myself--they smell WONDERFUL. (following image from Magic Cabin--their basket and bulbs kit costs $30--I'm hoping I can do it cheaper!) Edited to add--Okay, so you cannot buy bulbs in the spring time at all, store, online, anywhere, all Ea.rl Ma.y had available were "paperwhites" they're still a bulb and still pretty, but not the mix of color I was hoping for. They are also 5 for $7, so that kit from Magic Cabin isn't looking too bad now!
2. Gingerbread "Birdhouses" (also a Magic Cabin idea)--not sure if we have the time to pull it off, but it would be so much fun to make birdhouses with all the pretty pastel Easter candy available. But maybe we will settle for the good ol' chow mein noodle nests with candy eggs (and I was going to find a link for that recipe, but truth is, just go.ogle it, there are a million different recipes, some feature chocolate, some peanut butter, some marshmallow) . . .
3. Planting some grass seeds in a pot and watching them sprout--or possibly we'll add some grass seed around the bulbs we plant. I love the fineness and brightness of baby grass. ;o)

4. Dye some eggs. Marissa pointed out we've never done this before, so I'm thinking we will have to remedy that.

5. Most likely some more cookie decorating in fun little spring shapes--I know I have a duck and a lamb around here somewhere. (And also because I love buying seasonal sprinkles in seasonal colors . . . the pastel sugars are so pretty!) ;o)

6. Have them make spring-y decorations for my bulletin board area--perhaps eggs cutouts with glitter, rickrack, etc. to glue on and decorate with, tulip shapes to paint with watercolors . . . Stuff like that. ;o)
That should keep us busy for March. Of course, there is also St. Patrick's Day, but that happens to fall on a Wednesday (violin/church activities night), so maybe we'll try for an Irish lunch instead of a supper. I'm gearing up for a good corned beef . . . if you recall, last year's was downright awful!


Anna said...

Wow, I'm really inspired now! I LOVE all your new ideas...especially the edible nests and spring gingerbreads (yum!). Thanks for the fun ideas, you are especially gifted with all this stuff. ;)

Unknown said...

I've never thought about spring gingerbread houses! How cute! All these ideas are so great! Spring is definitely worth celebrating!!!