Friday, March 5, 2010

Some tidbits--

~The kids got outside yesterday for some fresh air. The boys wore snow boots and stood on top of our shrinking snow pile (only about two feet high now!) and attacked it with various yard work tools. The girls wore flip flops which they removed and jumped in melting snow streams. We discovered our "It's a Boy!!" sign, rather squashed and soggy. Isabella made a "fairy umbrella." I don't think we quite reached 50 degrees, but we'll take what we can get!

~I keep coming across cool bag patterns, one here, and another here. I can't wait to get some fabric and go to town. And I'm debating purchasing this pattern for the girls' Easter dresses . . . I'm still trying to decide if I have the time.

~I'm hoping to start (and finish) that bunny pillow I had mentioned sometime over the weekend. There seems to be a lack of time for anything extra lately. Which I'm puzzling over--it looks like I have done absolutely nothing this week and yet I've felt busy all the time.

~I've been sticking with my "Shred" and Level 1 is still providing me with a good workout. I took off Sunday, but otherwise have remained consistent. Woohoo! And I'm down 2 lbs. Another woohoo!! But my ring STILL DOES NOT FIT. I really think the knuckle grew.

~I'm taking inventory of what we have/what we need for clothing for spring/summer. I love going through drawers and getting rid of stuff with holes, reassessing what fits, etc. I REALLY love hauling out bags of garbage from a room. It is completely liberating.

~I'm also assessing curriculum needs for the next year. This is also something I love, because it means the purchase of shiny new books. And I think Marissa is finally old enough for this magazine which I've been wanting to get forever.

~I'm thinking I want a band saw. (and a few other saws too) I think it would be like using a sewing machine only with the whole cutting off a finger option involved. That Knock off Wood blog is giving me a huge interest in woodworking though. I have lots of plans . . . ;o) (and I have used a saw before . . . 8th grade shop, but that was awhile ago . . .)

~Josh has given us a science mission today, to find out what a "lenticel" is. He wants the girls to define it, find it outside, and draw a picture. Should be fun. ;o)

And THAT would be life currently!

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Anna said...

Yay for time outdoors!! Love your patterns you picked out...and that 'lenticel' project sounds ingriguing. ;)