Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sew Frustrated

I'm pausing from my dress-making fury to inform you--
I'm up to my eyeballs in ruffles.
I think Marissa grew and I have to cut out a new bodice.
I'll need to get more fabric for that.
I may end up scrapping both bodices entirely and cutting out a different style.
BECAUSE the "round neck yoke" is not laying right, perhaps once I attach the bias tape it will, but the pattern says I should make my own bias tape--I've never done that before (which would also require more fabric).
I was attempting to explain to Josh what "bias" meant but his eyes glazed over, the same way mine do when he starts talking about moles, vectors, and the like.
I have reread this whole yoke/bodice part of the pattern about 50 times and still can't find anything I did wrong.
AHHHHH! I've never had this many problems before!
Another trip to Jo.ann's is in the foreseeable future . . . stay tuned . . . :oP


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry! This is why I gave up sewing clothes somewhere between a jumper that hung like a gunny sack and shorts that required more than a drawstring. Hope it starts to go better!

Anna said...

Oh no! hope it goes more smoothly from here on out...I know it'll turn out great. Can't wait to see the finished product! :)