Tuesday, March 9, 2010


~I saw my first robin yesterday, and then another today. They're back!

~Owen is trying to find his laugh. He knows he wants to and sometimes this dry chuckly sound emerges and it scares him. It's all very hilarious. ;o)

~Says Jackson after observing my pathetic girly push-ups, "Mommy, you're not doing it like Natalie. You have to do it like Natalie!" I will admit, I might have had to bite back some not nice words. Nothing like exercising for an audience . . .

~My oldest three have tied ribbons to a bunch of stuffed care.bears and dangled them from the top bunk of the girls' bunk bed in a humorous attempt at having a puppet show with homemade marionettes. It makes me giggle to see all these care.bears hanging from their necks.

~Spring break is next week (for Josh, not homeschooling)! This semester truly is marching along quite nicely. Josh should finish up the same week the girls finish up their school year. One year from now Josh should be in the midst of student teaching and beginning the hunt for a job. We can hack one more measly year of insanity. ;o)

~Rain instead of snow . . . perhaps we have seen the last of winter?


Unknown said...

I just LOLed on the "You're not doing it like Natalie" comment!!!!! That is toooo funny! Just last night I had a little date with Jillian and I was thinking to myself---am I ever going to be able to do it like Natalie??? ha! And what is it about the littles liking to watch us mommies exercise?? My boys often find it enthralling to watch me sweat it out, too!

Anna said...

I love your little list of tidbits, too cute...especially the hanging Care.Bears. :) And YAY for Spring!!