Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Emmett James!!!

Dear Emmett,
Today is your 3rd birthday.  I state that with slight bewilderment because I feel I have known you forever, and three years doesn't sound so very long.  The truth is, even though a year can fly, so much life gets squeezed into one year's worth of time.  And you, no exception, have grown and changed in the completing of your third year.
Last year about this time, you were battling ear infection after ear infection.
But this year there has only been one!
Last year Daddy nicknamed you his "ham" and claims the following picture is the eptitomy of what a ham looks like:

All I know is you can be a silly little fellow, a bit feisty at times, but endearing none-the-less.
You reached 26 pounds, officially on the "other side" of 25.  Thirty here we come!!!
You are small but mighty.
You  continue to be best-described in one word: impish.
You survived a van ride across the country to meet your great-granny for the first time.
You saw Niagara Falls.
Plymouth Rock.
You dipped your feet in the Atlantic.
You picked up shells.
You caught some bees . . . and learned an important lesson.
You swam with your sisters.
You used the potty.
You became friends with your brother.

You began to draw me pictures, of cars, people, spiders, and snakes.
Your vocabulary grew.
You request to be read books that have a noticable transportation theme (you're a big fan of Virginia Lee Burton--Maryann the steam shovel, Katy the snow plow, and Choo Choo the train are all good friends)
You left the crib behind to share a big boy bunk bed with Jackson.
You shunned your blankie . . . the blue one with cars I bought for you while you were still nestled in my tummy. The one I wrapped you in at the hospital.  The blankie that soothed many tears.  It lays on the sidelines these days, nearly forgotton.
You went from being the littlest . . .
. . . to a big brother. 
Sometimes I worry, like mommies of many often do, that you will get a bit lost in the mix of siblings.
The truth is, that may happen at times.
But know this, there could be just you, or you could be one in a mix of 20, and I would STILL find you just as delightful, giggle at your silliness, savor your cuddles, and feel proud at all you accomplish. If you weren't here I would feel that gaping space, with a palpable realness, for the rest of my life.

Three is big.
I love you always little man.


Anna said...

*sigh* this makes me teary-eyed. So sweet, Janna! What a precious little man. Happy THIRD birthday, big boy!!

Unknown said...

Happy, happy day, Emmett!!!