Friday, February 19, 2010

A Wee Bit of Spring . . .

Inside my home, definitely not outside where several more inches of snow descended overnight. (This snow totally took me by surprise, after a few days of ACTUAL SUNSHINE and MELTING, here we are completely covered yet again!). But my penny rug is now complete!
Here's the front side:
And here's the back:
(yes, it is turned sideways, not that it matters, but for some reason I could not get the picture to load normal, even though I had it loaded correctly from my camera . . . puzzling)
Where I put it:

I'm breaking out the forsythia this week. Even though I would have to say that yellow is not my favorite color, the bright yellow of the forsythia (both the real and the fake stuff) makes me feel so happy when I see it. It just says "Spring!" with a delightfully dreamy voice. ;o) Outside it is once again stark white, but inside I have a lovely and bright little corner to remind me that even THIS winter won't last forever. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Janna, I just love the Spring Chick that you appliqued. What a fun thing to make and it just screams "Spring is coming!" You will enjoy this each time to walk past it. It even makes me think that sunshine and green things will soon be peaking through. Love it!!!Love it!!! Mimi

Unknown said...

You know I LOVE this!!!! And I see the cute little chicks perched up on the shelf, too! Yay, Spring!!