Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring Inspiration

As the snowflakes swirl today you will find me with spring on the brain. I had high hopes of creating a few little Valentine decorations, but I gave up on that notion about a week ago and decided to move onto spring.  And I need to get busy if I'm going to meet my self-imposed March 1st decorating deadline! ;o)  Step one--gathering ideas--and here's what I'm liking so far:
Painted muslin eggs with feather stitched seams--found here
"Grunged up" muslin eggs with ric rac sewn on (I think I would put something extra in the middle though, maybe another stripe of ric rac or other embellishment?)--found here
A bunny pillow (except I'll be doing mine with a combination of wool felt mounted on burlap, maybe some pom pom fringe around the seam?)--found here
The "Shaggy Chick Penny Rug" from the June '05 issue of Create and Decorate --however I have not been able to locate any "shaggy felt" so I might just use wool felt, which is find of a bummer because I do like the shaggy look. I took a picture of my magazine so you can see what I mean:
This pattern uses a combination of wool and wool felt.  The purist in me loves all wool. I love how it feels in my hands when I sew, love how it looks, etc.  But wool is not cheap. The cheapskate in me loves the option of wool felt, because it saves A LOT of money. ;o)  But when you use them both together you get a little bit of both worlds.

I'm toying with the idea--like I do every year--of making the girls' Easter dress.  I've been missing my sewing machine. ;o) If I started now, I might have time to finish them.  We'll see.  Dresses are tricky--lots of parts to construct, possibly a zipper to get in there somehow (I'm not a huge fan of zippers . . .). 

So, there you have it--how I plan on spending February. But I have to admit, in spite of how cold and snowy the winter has been it really hasn't seemed all that long to me.  If it continues to snow all through March, well, then I might start to get a bit antsy.  For now, the hermit thing is working out for me quite well. ;o)  Anybody else have some grand spring plans that I can steal flatter you by copying?;o)


Anna said...

These are beautiful projects! I'm always inspired by your ambitious ways...and that's why your home is so gorgeous! ..praying that your kiddos are all better and feeling good soon!!

Unknown said...

Love the penny rug and am truly amazed at your ambition. Love all the ideas you linked and have been thinking that I would like to make a few new springy items. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tiff said...

What about those pillowcase dresses that are sooo cute? No zippers!?!