Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Book List

I've been working on my list for the kids for spring, and am posting it here for any who are interested. You can follow the link and check it out at Am.azon, but all of these books are available at the library (at least where I live!). Some books are old favorites, some are books we've never read before. If you have never checked out any of Tasha Tudor's books--and you like illustrations that looks like they are from another era--you must get some of her books, if only just to look at the pictures. Let me know if you know of any good spring books that I have missed--I love discovering something new! ;o)

Books on Sugaring:

Maple Syrup Season~Purmell
Grandpa's Sugar Bush~Carney
Sugar Snow~Wilder

Books on Sheep/Shearing:

Weaving the Rainbow~Lyon
From Sheep to Sweater~Nelson
One Little Lamb~Greenstein
Kids Weaving~Swett

Books on Birds:

About Birds~Sill


Hooray for Spring~Iwamura
Spring Song~Seuling
Spring Thaw~Schnur
Spring: an Alphabet Acrostic~Schnur
Mother Earth and her Children~von Olfers
Spring Things~Raczka
Like a Windy Day~Asch
It's Spring~Glaser
It's Spring~Pickering
A New Beginning~Pfeffer
The Spring Equinox~Jackson
A Tale for Easter~Tudor

Seasonal (but with a spring feature):

Circle of Seasons~Muller
A Time to Keep~Tudor
Around the Year~Tudor
The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree~Gibbons

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