Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Six Week Mark

Today marks that magical day, the day I'm supposed to be officially recovered from pregnancy and life is supposed to be "all systems go" again. Right? (yes, I'm laughing to myself right now . . .) So, how I am doing on that grand plan?
--I've got 10 pounds left to rid myself of . . .
but the fine print will tell you that I have 17 pounds left until I actually weigh what my driver's license claims I weigh, although I think those other 7 lbs are all the muscle I gained prior to pregnancy, correct?
--I managed to get an old pair of jeans buttoned, however I could not breathe or move in them, and they definitely did NOT accentuate the positive--but hey that's better then the first time I tried them on (you know, just out of curiosity . . .surely I'm not the only one who tortures themselves that way?) and couldn't get them up much higher than my knees
--the numbness in my fingers is about 98-99% gone
--my ankles are no longer swollen, however they still are a bit sore from being swollen, isn't that crazy?
--my ring STILL does not fit! I'm baffled by this, because it fit at this weight--and beyond--on the way up.  I've never been ringless for so long.  I just can't get it over my knuckle.  Is it possible for a knuckle to widen?

All that being said, I'm actually feeling pretty good, functioning decently on my declined amounts of sleep, and hoping to get some sort of exercise regimen officially up and going. I'm looking forward to getting back into running (which is always such a blast in the beginning . . .) ;o)  But I must admit this last pregnancy has been a bit harder to recover from, all around.  That first week after delivery . . . WOA!!! I honestly felt like somebody had beat me all over with a stick (not that I know what that would feel like, but I'm sure it was pretty close). ;o)  I have this secret little goal of maybe-perhaps-possibly trying to run the half-marathon NEXT spring, as in 2011 spring.  I've got a ways to go yet . . . But baby steps, right?  Anybody want to join me? ;o)


Tiff said...

Oh, Janna, you are so wise and with it! It is nice to finally see the weight come off (for some, like me, it just takes more years)!

I've often thought that it would be very cool to run a 1/2 marathon...I run when I go to the gym, but I hate every pea-pickin' minute of may be on your own!

Anna said...

Oh I love hearing all these tidbits..and I think we all torture ourselves by trying on jeans that don't fit. ;) You look GREAT, and I'm amazed that you gained such a tiny amount.. (I fell into that 60 lb. weight gain category) And you go, girl! on the 1/2 marathon, sounds like fun! (watching you do it, not running in myself). ;)