Friday, February 26, 2010


I began my "30 day shred" yesterday. I've heard it's a good workout, I've heard it's hard, and I've heard it works. My thoughts:


I don't believe there is a muscle in between the region of my elbows and knees that isn't finding itself a bit tender at the moment--and I'm reminded of this every time I head up or down the stairs. I've done it two days now, and unfortunately my abs still do not look like the abs of the three women on the video (yep, I checked--immediately following the first workout). However, I'm still really excited about this video, because it REALLY feels like a workout, and it only take 25 minutes. I love that there are three different workouts/three different levels. I don't think it will bore me like some videos do. Honestly, it moves so fast you really don't have time to think about being bored! That, and you are trying so hard not to die. ;o)

What is encouraging to me is how much better I feel after breaking a good, honest sweat two days in a row. My cold symptoms have nearly disappeared and I have so much more energy. And now my kids are "playing" 30 Day Shred--it is a great way for them to work off extra energy (which we have had an extreme abundance of lately!). Hopefully, this will help a whole bunch of muscles remember how to be muscles again--and yikes am I incredibly unflexible at the moment! My back feels like it's made of cement. So, here's to more "shredding." ;o)


Unknown said...

"Yep, I checked--immediately following the workout" LOL!!! How true is that??!!! And oh what joy to think it FUN to 'play' 30 day shred. :)

Anna said...

Good for you, and WOW, so soon post partum! I just got one of her videos a few weeks ago...and I'm still saying OUCH every time! It's the real deal. You go, girl.

Brooke said...

I love the Shred video too! 25 minutes is doable in almost any day. :) Good for you!