Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Morning Snippets

~In spite of the fact I forgot to set my alarm for 5:30 this morning, my ever-punctual boys were standing at the foot of my bed at 5:30 on the nose.  How they do it, I'll never know.  But I guarantee that some day these same boys will be teenagers and completely unwakable.
~Marissa sitting on the floor with a fussy Owen in her lap and singing "The sun'll come out tomorrow . . ." while rocking him back and forth  . . . it's one of those moments I never want to forget.
~Jackson's drawing on the magnadoodle--it's not so much the picture I love, but his explanation of it, "This is me, inside a snowball." I still giggle everytime I look at it.

~I got 4 of the 16 "pennies" made for my penny rug while the girls worked on their math this morning.  At that rate I just might have it done by the end of the month . . .
~Some tin mailboxes (from Tar.get) and sparkly foam stickers gave the kids a good 1/2 hour of crafting fun
Then Jackson attempted to tape his to the bunkbed, I suppose since mailboxes ARE mounted on poles, with less than stellar results.  They all spent the rest of the morning creating mail to stuff in each other's boxes.  I'm just hoping we can keep everything intact for Friday morning when we exchange Valentines with cousins. It has been my past experience that once stepped on these mailboxes struggle to maintain their shape.  Hasn't happened yet, but we have to make it through two more days.
~The cupboards are running low so we had pancakes, bacon, and orange julius for lunch--always a hit, no matter what time of day it is eaten. ;o)

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Tiff said...

Ha! I'm doing pancakes tonight for supper....just hope I have enough milk! YIKES!

Love the mailboxes...wish I could've spied those when I was at Target last week!