Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Walls

The other day I discovered this on my bathroom wall:
I asked who did it, and of course, no one had.
Then another one appeared up near the ceiling, near the top bunk where Jackson sleeps. Since Emmett (and Owen!) can't climb that ladder and my girls don't draw on walls I have logically deduced who the culprit is.  But, as he was quick to point out, it was a mini-stamper he used (the eyes and nose are actually stamped "kissy lips"), not markers, or pencils, or pens, or oil pastels, or crayons, or . . . You get the picture.  As if somehow, it was okay because I hadn't specifically said "Don't use a kissy lip mini-stamper to draw happy faces on our wall." *sigh*  We'll see how the mag.ic er.aser handles THIS medium. ;o)

1 comment:

Anna said...

Well of course! Doesn't everyone have a no-kissy-lip-mini-stamper-on-the-walls rule at their house? ;) This is a cute posting...was thinking of you today, pondering how I will try to get crayon scribbles out of the carpet...hope you guys are having a great week!!