Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last night, I had a dream that all the snow melted and the grass had turned a vivid green. I checked out my window when I got out of bed, and sadly, that was not the case. However, there IS a shining sun, so I guess that will make do for a consolation prize. You know winter has been long when you are dreaming about green grass.

And speaking of dreams, Kathy, this is for you. The other night I dreamed I was in your dining room and you had painted it a very dark royal blue/black color. And you had used a very high gloss paint so every brush stroke was showing. It was interesting. ;o) Not only that, but you had added a mural of the state capitol in the corner, that had light-up lights in it. Facing the mural was an elliptical machine, which I climbed on and used. I'm not sure what all that means, but in case you were getting an urge to redecorate I would encourage you to stay away from the dark colors and high gloss paints--it's not a good combo. ;o)

I'm feeling better this morning, as opposed to yesterday morning when I thought my head might explode . . . rather "crusty" around the edges, but I think school shall be back in session and I will resume my janitorial duties. yay. (which I purposely wrote with all lowercase letters, because it it a lowercase kind of yay, not a YAY!!!!! where I would show some real excitement)

And here is my random thought for the day: Life is short, use real butter and cream. Truly. Have you ever put cream on your oatmeal? It's awesome.

Happy Thursday!


Tiff said...

HA! I don't ever remember any of my dreams~you're lucky...
And, AMEN to your quote. I stopped using margarine YEARS ago and cream in the oatmeal makes my heart pitter patter...go for the gold, right? Why not?

Anna said...

Mmmm...cream. Sounds great! It's more natural anyway, rather than that half-plastic margarine, right? ;) Praying for a good day for you and a speedy recovery. One would think after being so sick you would be immune to nearly every cold bug on the planet, right? Hugs to you guys! ..and love your dream, where do those come from anyway? :)

Unknown said...

Taking a break from the daily duties that are beckoning (and trying to put in to practice the quote I put on my blog this morning!!) and decided to check a few of my favorite blogs in between loads of laundry. Of course, that means coming to YOURS and I got a good "LOL" over your dream. That is toooo funny. Thanks for the deco tips....I shall forever steer clear of high gloss paints! ha!

Glad you are feeling better! Missed seeing you at the drums last night.