Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrating Valentine's Day

We enjoyed having my sister and her kids, my mom/dad, and youngest brother over this morning for a bit of cookie decorating, Valentine exchanging, and lunch eating.  I think 3/5 of the fingers on my left hand might remain a vivid shade of pink for awhile, but it's always worth it. ;o)  I don't think the kiddos ever tire of getting to decorate cookies.  And eat them.  Jackson informed me his stomach hurt, and I can only wonder why--he didn't quite get the concept of having a collection of spectacularly decorated cookies to show his Mommy.  He decorated one, ate it, then decorated another one, ate it . . .  Emmett on the other hand took a nibble out of each to test his decorating skills, you know, to make sure he was on track and all. ;o) We wrapped up with grilled cheese and tomato soup and played with a new set of Under-the-Sea connectagons from Granny.  Papa Roy left sporting tattoos from To.y St.ory on both wrists.  So, all-in-all a very fun morning. ;o)


Mom said...

What a fun time! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Looks fun! I love to see how the cookies turned out and laughed at Jackson's plate. :)