Monday, February 1, 2010

Art Around the House

Having been stuck inside for *awhile* now, the kids have turned to drawing to occupy a lot of their free time.  Consequently we've gone through A LOT of paper. ;o)  I used to be so good and organized about saving and filing (and dating!) drawings . . . about three kids ago.  Now I am finding that taking pictures of their drawings works pretty good too.  So, here are some of my favorites from the last month:
~Emmett--2 yrs 10 mon~
This is a combine with a corn header and a "mean guy" floating up in the right hand corner
A happy little guy in a car

~Jackson--4 yrs 5 months~
A picture of "Jackson by a tree with branches and apples that fell from the tree and hit my hat"
Look at those LOOOONG fingers. ;o)  Anything he draws brings me great delight since he was such a "late drawer" and a year ago his artwork consisted mainly of this.

~Isabella--6 1/2 years old~
"A Red Fox"
We receive the magazine Nature Friend.  Each issue shows you how to draw an animal.  They then feature the art of kids who attempted to draw that animal.  Isabella really wants to get a drawing published. ;o)

~Marissa--8 yrs 3 mon~
We have been learning about Africa the last few weeks in school and got a book on how to draw African animals.  I thought her elephant turned out pretty good, especially that eye ball. ;o)


Anna said...

WOW--these are all so GREAT! ...I was relieved to find out the drawings were on PAPER this time, yay for paper drawings! They all did a beautiful job, this is such a fun posting to see.

Mom said...

They are wonderful artists! Tell them Granny needs some pictures for her refrigerator!