Monday, January 4, 2010

Multitude Monday~1/4

holy experience
Something new I'm hoping to do this year, keep a physical list of joys and blessings. From what I've read of others doing this it's a simple but life-changing practice. And so, to begin . . .
1. Sipping hot tea--LOTS of it ;o)
2. Those little newborn "grunts" and "creaky" sounds
3. Watching "Annie" with my girls last night (and having the songs in my head all night long!)
4. Having Josh around these last few weeks
5. Rereading a good book
6. Gentle, doting brothers (and sisters too, but I expected that from the girls, the boys are so sweet with Owen)
7. Watching Josh attempt to scrape things stuck (like play-dough) in the dining room carpet with a metal "flipper" with two naked sidekicks, one attacking the carpet with a butter knife, the other with a fork. Hilarious!
8. A nice, warm house to stay put in
9. A fresh and brand new year to fill with growing and memories--what a huge gift!!!
10. Grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch yesterday
11. The kids being so healthy--for the first time in YEARS we made it through December with nary an antibiotic in our house (and we haven't had one here since last May/June!!!). I can scarcely believe it.


Tiff said...

l-o-v-e it. I visit "A Holy
Experience" frequently. So peaceful.

Anna said...

What a great list! I love this idea...those little enjoyable things can erase a lot of stress. ;) I laughed especially hard on the boys' attempt to undo the playdough wound on the carpet, how funny.