Monday, January 25, 2010

Multitude Monday~1/25

The past week's joys and blessings . . .
39. Josh, armed with the previous season of Los.t on dvd, spent three hours doing/folding every last piece of laundry, so that when I awoke the next morning I was *officially* caught up
40. Our first out-to-eat-experience to Val's with five children--successful and yummy
41. New books for me
42. Everyone in bed on Sunday night except me and Owen and a date with "Emma"--great movie and I can't wait for the next two weeks' installments!
42. Owen's feet.  I was just looking at those tiny little toes in amazement, the teeny tiny nails . . . every little part so incredible.

43.  A few glimpses of our ever elusive sun, proving it really is still out there . . . somewhere ;o)
44. Tres Leches cake--sooooo good
45. Listening to the wind howl while I'm cozy inside
46. Paula.De.en's "Chicken Cobbler" and Roasted Green Beans--this casserole is SO good, like in the top 5 of all my main dish recipes good.  Like I could sit on the couch with a spoon and a 9x13 pan in lieu of container of ice cream good.  Like I almost devoted a whole post just to this casserole good. Seriously.  If you like chicken noodle soup or chicken pot pies, you need this recipe.  It is the epitomy of comfort food. Really, really good. ;o) 

47.  And I have leftovers because it made a ton. But moving on . . .
48. Had somebody call me out of the blue and offer to take Marissa to a b-day party on Saturday which happened to be right during naptime.  Josh works Saturdays, so this was just perfect that I didn't have to load everyone up and head across town.  It saved me so much time and hassle.
49.  Emmett's stacks and stacks of drawings he's amassing (and then trimming with scissors).  They all just make me smile and usually involve some sort of vehicle and cute little people that have only faces and legs.
50. Cozy pajamas
51. A God who works out all details
52. That we live in America and are blessed with abundance--when I look at conditions of others around the world I realize that even though my family is by no means rich, we have SO MUCH, and others have nothing--literally nothing.  It puts things in perspective.


Mike and Kirsten said...

I googled the name of the recipe you used but can't find it and REALLY want to try it. :) Can you post the recipe and/or a link or something to it? yummy!

Anna said...

Yummy, I love your casserole picture...great list as usual, makes me appreciate these things too. :)