Monday, January 18, 2010

Multitude Monday~1/18

Joys and blessings from the past week . . .
25. Degrading the "laundry situation" to a "laundry issue"
26. Slowly finding a new rhythm to our days
27. Snuggling a sleeping baby for the duration of a movie watched with Josh

28. Working on adapting some more discipline/structure to our days--always hard at first, but makes life so much easier in the long run
29. Not having to do THE BIG GROCERY EXPERIENCE since the beginning of December
30. Josh having Tuesday mornings available this semester to help me accomplish THE BIG GROCERY EXPERIENCE tomorrow ;o)
31. New recipes to try from Paul.a De.en
32. The anticipation of some new books from Am.azon . . . oh, and a dvd . . . "The Shred" . . .;o)
33. New jeans . . .that aren't maternity . . . that fit
34. Warmer days and melting snow
35. Finding books Marissa loves and watching her devour them
36. Drawing African animals with my girls
37. January is half over and February is short . . . spring isn't all that far away
38. My boys and the comic relief they provide for me, like:
Emmett painting his nails a vivid hue--twice (I removed the polish, and within half an hour discovered he had painted them again!)
And Jackson's new best friend "Lampy" who went everywhere with him today. Lampy drew pictures--with his cord, Jackson placed a marker at the end for him. Lampy ate lunch (Jackson set him up with a fork). Jackson drew a picture of him and Lampy together. And Jackson tucked Lampy into bed:


Tiff said...

Owen is sooo precious! I can't resist a sleeping baby.
Good luck on The Shred. It works, but this Shred head finds it to be dread! (but do-able) :)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a good chuckle out of the red fingernails and "Lampy" If Lampy ever needs refreshed I know there is someone Jackson can call for a new light Just hope Lampy's cord never get wrapped around Lampy's neck! Jackson is quite creative and it looks like Emmett might have a little artist in him, too. What blessings and so fun to read about them and to see you are finding peace and joy in the "little things" Carolyn

Unknown said...

Look at the CHEEKS!!!! Sweet! Owen's definitely getting the 'baby Cooley" look!! And it seems your mantra continues to be 'never a dull moment.' :)

Anna said...

...still giggling over your boys' antics. I'm loving these lists that your putting on..and oh! how snuggly and how sweet is that littlest boy of yours. ..I agree with Kathy on the 'baby Cooley' look that you have going. Have a great week! ..hope your BIG grocery experience was successful.

cheryl said...

LOVED your "encouragement" on how far Spring is!! Hadn't ever thought of it that way before..that Feb. is a short month! I'm SO ready for Spring!
So great to read your blog and watch your babies grow up!