Monday, January 11, 2010

Multitude Monday~1/11

holy experience

Collecting joy . . .
11. Good soup recipes, perfect for these cold, cold days
12. Marissa taking the time to read to others, such a help to me
13. Our first day back at school only putting one of us in tears (and it wasn't me!) ;o)
14. Reading Jane Eyre for sheer enjoyment
15. Being able to make it through an "old book" even with "mommy brain" ;o)
16. The love and care of friends and family who have brought wonderful meals--what a blessing
17. Tea, tea, tea, "how do I love thee let me count the ways . . ."
18. Making it out to church on Sunday and visiting with "other people"
19. Quotation marks and parentheses, how boring writing would be without them ;o)
20. We're still healthy--I'm utterly amazed
21. Starting a light exercise video, with Marissa and Isabella joining me. And laughing at Marissa's interpretation of the moves, OH. MY. At least one of us is getting a very good workout. ;o) Apparently we are lacking in a bit of coordination . . .
22. The library (and that the computer system is working again--I rely on that soooo much!)
23. God providing a new school plan for Josh after we found out it was going to take him a whole extra year. Now it looks like he'll still finish within the same time frame.
24. Owen. ;o) We love him.

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Anna said...

I'm loving your expanding list of joyful thoughts...they make me smile too...especially the group workout time. :) Thanks for sharing! Praying that your week back to school goes very well.