Thursday, January 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Life

SMILING--Owen gave his Mommy three of the most brilliant smiles today, and I KNOW they were real because he went all "cross-eyed-focussy" on me and then a huge smile broke across his face. Unfortunately, I was camera-less all three times, so you'll just have to take my word at it.

A LAUNDRY SITUATION--even though technically there is another person to wash for, I really can't blame it on Owen because he has not pooped anything up and he's not too much of a spitter. Basically I put a new outfit on him when he gets a bath or if the urge strikes me. But I have laundry EVERYWHERE. Piles of clean laundry scattered throughout my bedroom, piles of dirty laundry in the basement. And then yesterday Jackson decided to mix a dirty basket from the bathroom with a clean basket in my bedroom and bury himself in it. Would you believe I actually stepped on him because I didn't know he was in the pile?!? And then I had to sort through it, trying to remember what was what. For some reason it feels like hundreds of people live here and I am responsible for all their laundry.

MY BAKING MORATORIUM--I have been fighting the urge to bake cookies for the last week, and today, broke down. You see I was really generous to myself during the month of December . . . And well, in order to actually loose the baby weight I figured I needed to stop baking. If it's not here, then I can't eat it, right? I enjoyed a *few* cookies today. And now the baking moratorium is back in effect. Funny how I could find time to bake cookies but not get the laundry done . . . perhaps my priorities are a bit askew? Is there a Bakers Anonymous?

WHY BOOKS ARE DANGEROUS--because when thrown in the air (by a certain older brother) they could land on somebody, like a newborn somebody, and give him an abrasion on his head. Causing said newborn to wail and then nurse listlessly and then fall abruptly asleep. Causing the mommy to slightly panic and wonder if the newborn had been knocked unconscious by Jane Eyre. Everything seems okay, however, if Owen has an aversion to the classics some day we will all know why. (Thank goodness I didn't check out a hardcover version!)

ON SCHOOLING--it's been a good week, almost--dare I say-- pleasant. We've been doing some school in the morning and then finishing up in the afternoon--spreading it out more, but I think I am liking this new routine better. Jackson has loved getting involved and working on alphabet worksheets that I print off for him. (I print them off for Emmett too, but he just draws "cars" all over them). We're all at the table together and it's not a huge distraction for the girls. Owen has been a very good baby. He sleeps and he eats and that about sums it up. At one point today I actually I forgot I had a baby in the house. (What an awful thing to admit, but it's true) ;o)


Anna said...

Oh I love to hear this little update! ..and I know what you mean about forgetting the baby..the quiet ones are the forgotten ones, aren't they? SO glad school is going well so far. You're doing GREAT! :)

Jennifer Buettner said...

Love all your new photos you have posted!

Unknown said...

A smile already?? Those are SO great!!!!

Mike and Kirsten said...

Let me know how the 30day shred thing goes...I'm starting to become obsessed with Jill.ian Mi.chaels so I'd be curious to hear how that DVD is.