Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy First Month to Owen

Owen wasn't overly cooperative for his one month photo shoot . . .

However, I think we can all agree he has grown a *bit* in the last month. ;o) He's working on the double chin.  And he does have some cheeks on him.  And that outfit--a few weeks ago the arms and legs were both cuffed.  I believe it was looser too. ;o)  I think I only have about another week left for him to sport the newborn sizes.

I'm glad he's thriving. It's been a good month. I'm still lacking in folded laundry and clean surfaces, but I'm sure I'll see those days again some day. It might not be in the near future.  But for now I'll just keep focusing on what is most important, like laying big kisses on those plump cheekies and inhaling deep of that special baby smell. *blissful sigh*
Have a lovely weekend!!!


Mom said...

So glad we stopped by to see Owen on his one month birthday. He's a sweetie.

Unknown said...

Wowza! That little man is packin it on! LOVE the cheekers!

Anna said...

Oh I LOVE this post! And dido on your line about cheeks to kiss. ;) Beautiful pics, I love how he's 'passed out' on the first doubt after a full-belly feast. :) Praise the Lord for a GROWING healthy baby!!