Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dumpster Diving

This vacuum caught Josh's eye the other day, hanging out in the trash. Josh seems to have an amazing ability to resuscitate vacuums, so he thought he would see if it worked at all. After plugging it in he discovered it worked just fine, except the brushes didn't turn on the bottom. Problem: there was a little belt that had broken. So, for a few dollars he found a belt, slipped it in place, and VOILA!!! a working vacuum. The things people throw away . . . And although it was stripped of its attachments it is still a much nicer vacuum than the one I currently use--and in very good condition. Score! ;o)


Tiff said...

Ha! How appropriate since Bill and I were just talking about how we think that our vacuum is on the fritz! Maybe we can drive around town rummaging through dumpsters!

Unknown said...

Love it! I'll have to do a post on my dumpster finds someday. I have quite a few that have worked out very nicely!! dresser, rocking chair, dry sink, 2 dining room chairs, desk.

Anna said...

What a find! ..a $3 vacuum, (or maybe $5 or 6?) ..definately puts me in the mood for a little dumpster diving. :)