Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Blog Recommendation--

I came across this blog the other day written by a WOMAN carpenter who comes up with plans to build all of your Pot.teryBa.rn favorites at a mere fraction of the price. She even tells you what tools you need, wood to get . . . It is super cool and seriously makes me want to have my own wood shop. I'm not sure how far the skills I learned in my 7th and 8th grade shop classes would get me though. ;o) So, instead of cleaning today I've been plotting all the wonderful and beautiful furniture I could build . . . A great use of my time I'm sure. ;o) But if you have time, do check it out, like the bed she built--so cool!


Anna said...

Very cool blog! What a good find, and that is so like you to find this sort of blog. :) Love it! Hmm, we will eventually be needing 3 new twin beds at some point, maybe this would be a good route? TFS!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the recommendation Janna! Her blog is amazing and I am so inspired to start building something...if only I had a saw and a garage! ;o)