Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year in Review

I can scarcely believe we are at the end of a year, and really the end of a decade. Back ten years ago in 1999 we were awaiting the dawn of a new millennium. I wasn't even married yet, let alone any kids in the picture! And now look where I am 10 years later! Anyway, 2009 has been a year of many blessings, 30th birthdays celebrated, a wonderful vacation taken, Josh's return to school, growth and maturing of kids, teeth lost, instruments started, and a special little man named Owen added to our family. I always love to look back over a year and remember where we started and see where we are now. Wishing you all a blessed start to 2010!!! (And wondering if anyone has a "word of the year" they are thinking on? I mentioned it last year--still trying to come to a decision for the new year). Happy New Year everyone!
And here's the list of Marissa's highlights from 2009 that made me smile--it's always fun to see the simple things that brought them delight:
1. Going on vacation
2. Playing in the rain
3. The 4th of July
4. My birthday
5. Making "Huckleberry Soup"
6. Movie Nights
7. Baby Owen
8. Feeding Geese
9. Climbing Trees
10. Going to the Children's Museum
11. Going to the zoo
13. Going to "Bethlehem"
14. Going to the Hen.ry Z.oo
15. My cast
16. Girls of Grace Sleepover
17. A Picnic at Maho.ney St.ate Par.k
18. Digging a snow tunnel
19. Going to the pumpkin farm
20. Becoming a Christian
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Anna said...

Love your picture collage to summarize the past year..and Marissa's list was so precious. So thankful for #20! ..I'll have to keep her list in mind in understanding what kind of things are important to my kiddos. ..and my word for the year? Maybe holiness...godliness, steadfastness, dependence on the Lord. I have quite a long list come to think of it. :)