Sunday, December 27, 2009

Owen's First Days

"But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart." Luke 2:19

After the events of last week, this verse has been one I have thought on often. You can't help but be reflective when you're sitting through a Christmas Eve service with your own little tiny one in your arms. Going into this, knowing Owen is most likely our last baby (and I say "most likely" because I'm not so brave to declare "the end" when I know Someone Else could always have other plans . . .) ;o) has been bittersweet, and so I'm treasuring up lots of things, like:

~getting to hear those little baby sounds one more time

~marveling over each fearfully and wonderfully made little part

~cherishing that silky smooth skin

~the joy of just sitting and holding

~watching the love and tenderness each and every one of my older kids demonstrates towards him

~thankfulness, for being sustained through five pregnancies, making it through five labors, having five healthy babies--what a blessing

And, well, I could probably go on and on. My heart is so full and I am so in love with this baby boy. It's hard to believe he'll be drawing on my walls in a few years . . . ;o) He is just way too sweet for that. Thank you to everyone for your notes of congratulations, your prayers for me and my family--I treasure it all.


Anna said...

I LOVE all these photos, that newness of life is just SO special. Beautiful photos, beautiful family! A big hug to all of you! Enjoy treasuring all those things in your heart~

Tiff said...

So sweet. Only a mother could fully understand that tingly feeling that a baby brings. Doesn't your cup just run over? I look at Katelyn and get teary-eyed. She'll be a year on Tuesday and yet I can remember all of those feelings that you're having just as if it were yesterday. **sigh**

Oh, and about the last child thing...I remember when I first met you you told me, "All I really want to do is be a good wife and the mother to 6 children." It must have left an impression on me b/c some 17 years later, I still remember! ((Hugs)) Oh, and p.s. You look beautiful...tell me the post pregnancy look gets better with each child!?!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures! So neat to see them all and rejoice with you on this precious gift! Baby Owen certainly looks adorable---and LOVED!! :) Love the pics of Owen with his big brothers and sisters--especially the ones where Jackson looks so tender with him!! (and p.s. YOU looked great in those hospital pics. The ones of me are kept under lock and key! LOL)