Saturday, December 19, 2009


So, after a "labor tease" that lingered around most of yesterday, giving me hope of perhaps a baby last night or today, I greeted this morning--still pregnant--with despondency (devastation, despair, desperateness . . . and I'm sure a whole bunch of other words beginning with "d" if I could locate a thesaurus). I told myself not to get excited, I KNEW it might amount to nothing, but . . . yeah . . . I found myself DEpressed with a very long day stretching ahead of me.

And the best thing for me to do, is find stuff to do, rather than sit and dwell (another "d" word!!) on my largeness. So, I made those "Candy Cane Buttons" I told you about a few posts ago. I used circular pretzels that were "checkerboards" and placed a "candy cane kiss" atop each. Then stuck them in a 200 degree oven for about 8 minutes (or until they melted down--just watch them). Then I pulled them out and placed a mint m&m in the middle. I stuck mine in the freezer so they would harden up in a few minutes, and VOILA all done.
I also worked on wrapping Christmas presents, and thought I would share a fun little idea that I'm putting together for my 7 year old niece. She is getting into sewing so I made a simple kit for her to create with. In it was a variety of felts and embroidery flosses:

Plus, some embroidery hoops, needles, girly buttons, and little rolls of ribbon. I found a pretty pink basket that can store it all. Hopefully this will be something to keep her busy through the winter. I picked a lot of "Valentine" colors for her so she can be making stuff for Valentine's Day if she likes.
And last, I'm still working on these little ornaments, made from felt, embroidery floss, dowels, and a little ric rac bow. The idea is not my own--found it in a book at the library--but I thought they would make cute little ornaments for the kids this year. The girls are getting red, the boys green. I've not completed any green ones yet, so use your imagination. ;o)
And that's how the day went down. We still have our activity to do this evening and it's spaghetti night. As long as I just keep busy I can *almost* forget I'm even pregnant. ;o) Ha.


Mom said...

Just thought I'd add to your "ds":
I thought that dessert looked dandy! Lexi will be delighted to get the sewing items. I have enjoyed reading about all your decorations for Christmas. Well, perhaps by daybreak, dear daughter, you'll call with news of a dear, darling's delivery. Continue to depend and "delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." So thankful you are a dedicated and devoted mom to your kids! Love

Janna said...

Made me smile Mom. ;o) You're right there were some positive "d" words I left out, however, there were some things I forgot to mention, like the fact my stomach is distended and feeling rather disproportionate and muscle tone has completely met its demise. ;o)

Anna said...

...loved your moms words, so cute. And oh my goodness, these are all such FUN ideas. Loved the sewing kit..and the ornaments are so adorable. Hang in there, pregnant lady! ..I can't call you that much longer. :) Praying.