Friday, December 18, 2009

Makes me Laugh . . .

So, I woke up in the middle of the night with "The 12 Days of Christmas" playing in my head. Ever had that happen? And it wasn't just any "12 Days of Christmas" but a certain version I had seen on last year. It makes me laugh every time--and Josh says I am easily amused--but really I'm not so much a "LOL" kind of person. ;o) (In fact just the other day I was laughing and my girls heard me and ran to find me to see what I was laughing about because it was such a rare thing . . . I asked them, "I don't laugh much?" And Marissa replied, "You just seem worn out all the time . . ." Oops. So, I'm thinking that may be something I need to work on). Anyway, follow this link if you need some amusement in your day. ;o)

1 comment:

Anna said...

Ha! That IS a great video, loved watching it far as not laughing much, well I can relate when I'm super tired :) ...hoping you get plenty of rest this weekend in preparation for Owen's big arrival!