Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make-a-Memory #9

Snow outside . . . So fittingly, snow inside!
"Snowman Head Ornaments"
Materials Needed: Some empty glass ball ornaments, fake snow, pom-poms, and orange clay noses (I made these myself yesterday out of some Fimo and then baked them so they were already to go). Fill your balls with snow, and then hot glue on the faces. Aside from "snow" getting everywhere it is a very simple and quick little craft. The noses were probably the favorite of everyone. (Thanks Kathy for the idea!) ;o)
We're staying "snowed in" today. Our Wednesday night church activities have been cancelled, so we'll just stay snug. I'm wishing I could view the snow from a window in the country somewhere. A new and treeless neighborhood just doesn't do a good snowstorm justice. I heard from my mom that my dad is having a great time with his new little bobcat "toy" clearing paths and making piles. ;o) And I am fondly recalling getting pulled by a tractor on a hog feeder lid across yard and fields. Snow was always hugely exciting on the farm. I still get a thrill from a big storm, but it's just not quite the same. Stay safe and warm everyone!


Anna said...

Love this one, these are SO cute! And here I was assuming those were store-bought carrot noses, way to make them yourself!

..and the sledding memories are so fun to hear...a feeder lid would have made a great sled. We got pulled behind the pick-up out on the roads and around the home place, fun times. :)

Unknown said...

These turned out cute! Love seeing all your ideas and the paper chain smile on the post above is adorable!