Saturday, December 5, 2009

Make-a-Memory #5

"Cookie Decorating"

We spent the morning decorating our cookies, the first time I let the boys get in on the action. I have very generous decorators. ;o) Frost, then sprinkle, then frost some more . . . Some of those cookies had definite weight to them! We made a ridiculous mess but had lots of fun. And now we are picnicking in the living room, watching the Star.City Parade amidst the warm comfort of our couch. Brings back memories for me of high school, marching band, and crazy cold temperatures causing instruments to freeze up and drum heads to crack. I think I'm fine with the couch today! Hope you all have a happy Saturday!


Unknown said...

Well that looks FUN--except for the person who had to do the clean up. :) Love the cookie that is loaded with red sprinkles---it looks like one that would show up at our house, too. We're set to decorate cookies next week and I'm really liking your frosting in the squeeze bottle idea!!!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness, you've been so busy! I ADORE the gingerbread houses, and the cookies turned out great! ..I'm still giggling at those pics. :) And your house looks amazing..I so want to add some more Christmas things around here...can't wait to see the rest! It's kind of like a month-long Christmas party. :)