Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make-a-Memory #3

"Felt Gingerbread Houses"
Instructions can be found here. Last year I made them with just the girls, and while it is an easy enough craft it IS time consuming. My best advice is to have the houses prepared ahead of time so they are all set for the decorating. That part probably took me about an hour. I used a hot glue gun, which seemed to work fine. My other bit of advice would be not to spend the morning filling three shopping carts full of groceries and supplies to get you through the next month, organizing your pantry and deep freeze, and then attempt to tackle a big craft project. Oh. My. (Thankfully my sister had the kids all morning or that "little" shopping trip would not have been possible--and it is SOOOO cold out there . . .)
Anyway, the houses:
Emmett had hardly any interest in the crafty process. It is basically "mommy made." He is such a little ham. ;o)
Jackson gave me implicit instructions as to what he wanted: red door, green bow, blue windows, etc. I had to cut it all out, but he stuck it in the spots he wanted. He was thorough but brief.
Isabella and Marissa were pretty much independent. I manned the glue gun, snipped through some pipe cleaners, but they were able to do most of it themselves. And they lingered long over this project. ;o)

In the end we have our village, the two houses from last year, four from this year, some fiber-fill "snow," a few small bottle brush trees and we're good to go.
Time for bed. Oh, and did I mention tomorrow is cookie baking day . . . what was I thinking? ;o)
(Although, today was supposed to be the day we went to the Children's Museum, but Josh had a big test to get ready for, so we'll do that another day. Or not at all . . .) ;o)


Mom said...

Tell them the houses look wonderful...I'll have to stop by sometime to see the village. Hope you are able to rest sometime!! :-)

Tiff said...

Super cute! I stole your idea and am doing a daily project with Luke too...I'm planning on posting today! I love to see your daily updates! Oh-and you are crazy. Absolutely nuts!