Monday, December 21, 2009

Make-a-Memory #21

"A Muffin Tin Meal--Nativity Style"~Pigs in a blanket made to look like Mary, Baby Jesus, and Joseph (with a bit of leftover crescent roll "staff"). Jesus is laying in a bed of shredded cheese "straw."
~An angel made from bread, coconut oil, and sugar cooked alongside the holy family
~And some stars cut from cheese
(There were also carrot sticks and orange slices--I had meant to get some starfruit, but that didn't happen--I couldn't really figure out a way to incorporate the other things so I just served them up in separate bowls) As I searched for ideas for this, I saw some who did crown shaped cheese toasts to represent the three kings, animals crackers to be the animals in the stable--I'm sure there are a lot more creative things that could be done.
(And for those of you wondering, I am yet again experiencing contractions today, much stronger ones, never-the-less very erratic, which once again, could mean anything. :o( To say the very least, having to schedule a whole bunch of appointments for NEXT week, like 2 non-stress tests, an ultrasound, etc. was incredibly depressing. Hopefully it won't come to that. Truly I appreciate your prayers--it's not so much dealing with all the physical stuff now, but the emotional ups and downs of all these false starts).


Unknown said...

This muffin tin lunch is SO CUTE!!! What a great idea!

Will continue to pray and hope you don't have to follow through on going to those appts next week. Hopefully you'll be back at home settling in with a new little one! :)

Anna said...

This food tray is SO beautiful! LOVE your ideas, it is so recognizable as Baby Jesus and Mary & all of it. ..and I'm sorry about having to schedule all that 'fun stuff'..are they making you do fetal movement counts too? ..the contractions sound like a good thing, even if they're'll probably be at 5 or 6 when labor starts. :)

Kris said...

LOVE today's muffin tin Monday... this will have to be on our menu one of the lunches this week!

Won't be long now Janna! Praying for you!!!

Mike and Kirsten said...

Congratulations on your new baby Janna! Hope you are all doing well! Can't beat a Christmas present like baby Owen...Merry Christmas! :)